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     In order to present accurate picture category and development trend of clothing brand in the market, meet the professional audience diverse business needs, we plan through the new Fashion Trade Show, professional category plate, special section and exhibition in the exhibition of three main sections form CHIC2017 autumn Fashion Trade Show.

     Efforts to enhance the accuracy of the CHIC exhibition of goods and professional audience needs to match the exact match for the exhibitors to open more business opportunities.

Halls & Sections

Exhibition Sections


This is the core of CHIC, featured with excellent traditions, style and technological innovation of the Chinese fashion. It’s a section giving prominence to Chinese fashion spirit and contemporary fashion culture.

This section will include: Urban View / New Look / Kids Paradise / Heritage / Secret Stars / Shanghai Bag. 


FASHION JOURNEY is an interactive international fashion stage, not only helping foreign fashion brands to enter into Chinese market by means of our powerful channel resources, but it also bring the most up-to-date international fashion trends, the most superior international fashions and accessories to Chinese consumers.

This section will include: overseas famous brands / bespoke / brands with creative business mode... 


YOUNG COMMUNITY is a place promoting and showcasing the most dynamic young fashion, lifestyle brands, and the most potential and influential brands from young designers to unfold the Chinese fashion culture. It will establish a high quality networking and business match-making platform to promote innovation transactions through pop culture and impetus of original design.

This section will include: Impulses / Young Fashion Brands / Denim/ Vintage / Lifestyle Brands 


Green consumption has become a new field. The newly-emerged green consumption demand is forcing industry upgrading and reform of fashion supply. The new section “GREEN+”in CHIC will bring together numerous green fashion brands and healthy lifestyle products under one roof to showcase the trends of green consumption in China. 


The strength of “Intellectually-Made in China”will be shown here. It’s a place gathering together first-class ODM suppliers who are able to provide fast response, micro supply, flexible production and other various services. It’s also an efficient order-taking platform for ODM suppliers. Related industry enterprises regarding information technolo- gy, technicalization and intelligent production will gather here to present the most forward news of the upstream and downstream fashion industry.

This section will include: Superior Factory / The Unit 

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You can fully expand and optimize the CHIC Fashion Trade Show business through the terminal channels, so as to obtain the most direct trade effects, and through the exhibition, discussion, show the three-dimensional way to get a good opportunity to promote the brand.

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