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Embrace a Time of Change With a Young Heart. 

Youthful vitality is unbounded and CHIC always pioneers new ideas with courage and determination.

China International Fashion Fair 2018 (March Edition) as Asia’s biggest and most signifi- cant fashion and accessories trade fair, will be held as expected during 14th - 16th March, 2018. As a multi-functional commerce and trade show over the years, CHIC will also make new “young” voice along with Chinese fashion industry.

This is a time of great change, infused with the aspirations of the young generation. Over the past 24 years, CHIC has witnessed different development phases of the fashion industry, from brand development, market expansion to resource integration; today, we have also been aware of revolution in consumption, technology innovation, ecological civilization, industry chain reconstruction, business model adjustment......all these motivations and challenges are changing the pattern of contemporary fashion industry. The young consumer groups with strong personalities and diverse demands are becom- ing the main force of consumption. Their youthful energy and new thinking are creating brandnew room for the further development of Chinese fashion industry.

Competitions and challenges coexist in new commercial pattern, and CHIC2018 (March Edition) is advocating for the upgrading and reform of commercial model to a “youth-based model”.

In March 2018, CHIC will unveil the young people-based commerce and trade show which meets the demand of new retail format, and will further enhance attendees’ visiting experience and exhibitors’ exhibition effect through more intellectual services and means. Dreams are setting sails and let’s reconstruct for new space; time and tide wait for no man, and let’s gain momentum for the young change. Let’s stay true to our heart and forge ahead to the future; let’s start our sonorous journey with a blend of fashion on the high top of win-win.

The spring breeze brings warmth and freshness to everything, and the best in this spring is you. Let us keep the young heart forever and pay tribute to our eternal fashion. 

Halls & Sections

Exhibition Sections


This is the core of CHIC, featured with excellent traditions, style and technological innovation of the Chinese fashion. It’s a section giving prominence to Chinese fashion spirit and contemporary fashion culture.

This section will include: Urban View / New Look / Kids Paradise / Heritage / Secret Stars / Shanghai Bag. 


FASHION JOURNEY is an interactive international fashion stage, not only helping foreign fashion brands to enter into Chinese market by means of our powerful channel resources, but it also bring the most up-to-date international fashion trends, the most superior international fashions and accessories to Chinese consumers.

This section will include: overseas famous brands / bespoke / brands with creative business mode... 


YOUNG COMMUNITY is a place promoting and showcasing the most dynamic young fashion, lifestyle brands, and the most potential and influential brands from young designers to unfold the Chinese fashion culture. It will establish a high quality networking and business match-making platform to promote innovation transactions through pop culture and impetus of original design.

This section will include: Impulses / Young Fashion Brands / Denim/ Vintage / Lifestyle Brands 


Green consumption has become a new field. The newly-emerged green consumption demand is forcing industry upgrading and reform of fashion supply. The new section “GREEN+”in CHIC will bring together numerous green fashion brands and healthy lifestyle products under one roof to showcase the trends of green consumption in China. 


The strength of “Intellectually-Made in China”will be shown here. It’s a place gathering together first-class ODM suppliers who are able to provide fast response, micro supply, flexible production and other various services. It’s also an efficient order-taking platform for ODM suppliers. Related industry enterprises regarding information technolo- gy, technicalization and intelligent production will gather here to present the most forward news of the upstream and downstream fashion industry.

This section will include: Superior Factory / The Unit 

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