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As the largest and most influential professional fashion exhibition in Asia, CHIC has been one of the most superior comprehensive resource platforms integrating functions like business negotia- tion, channel expansion, resource integration, international collaboration, market test, trend release, crossover cooperation, and capital connection, etc. Over the past 27 years, leading the transformation of the industry and market, CHIC has never stopped being innovative. It has grown up together with Chinese fashion brands and has been widely recognized as the promoter and partner of the Chinese fashion industry and the market development.

CHIC functions as an indispensable platform. This role has been accentuated in the context of the fast and always changing fashion industry and consumption patterns in China. More and more fashion brands, manufacturers, fashion-related industries and terminal channels joined CHIC and obtained various achievements. Meanwhile, CHIC has expanded its exhibition functions, completely upgraded its service system and herewith enhanced the platforms' value.

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Delicate, elegant, unrestrained, and personality.

Here boasts of a lifestyle you have known, and a new fashion you haven’t heard of. Collections of men’s formal, bespoke, business casual, fashion casual, demin. Help enterprises to grasp the industry new opportunities, promote the brand and channel layout of globalization.


The latest way of living for women is to be manifested by extraordinary products selected globally.

Section “NEW LOOK”enables exhibitors to seize the demands in the market and to understand the operating commercial mechanism. In this section, cutting-edge brand growth models and trendy products are displayed, as much as the newest brand thinking are mutually discussed under the circumstances of New Retail.


Open high-end life colorful leather, fashion taste
Collect high-end leather, fur, leather enterprises and industry authority at home and abroad, comprehensively establish splendid fair which integrates the trade, brand promotion, and processing, strive for helping enterprises to win new growth point and promote the competitive- ness of the products.


"Smart Manufacturing" leads "made in China"
Integrated with high quality ODM supplier, provide rapid response, micro supply, flexible production, and other service systems, reveal "smart made in China" strength, and establish a comprehensive platform for receiving orders.


Turn Creativity into the Commercial Value
Original designs, fashion studio, as well as collection platform are sellected overseas and domestically. International fashion retail channels and brand buyers are gathered here. It will undeniably become the most efficient platform for order docking of designer brands and resource integrating platform in Asia.


The best interpretation of fashion attitude
The section Secret Stars not only brings together the domestic and international famous jewelry, handbags, shoes, hats, scarves, watches, sunglasses, but also initially integrate the household decoration, fragrance, stationery, cosmetics, as to build up new urban lifestyle concept. All of these illustrate the expansion of channels, brand cooperation, orders purchasing, as well as business development-brand business fair around all channels for accessory brands.


Internationally and domestically, both on-line and off-line are accessible
Fashion handbags, Man’s fashion, Original Brand, Travel Series, Yummy Mummy Necessary...The indispensable fashion bag exhibition for the present. Clothing brands and terminal channels enrich the choices of brand series.


FASHION JOURNEY is an interactive international fashion stage, not only helping foreign fashion brands to enter into Chinese market by means of our powerful channel resources, but it also bring the most up-to-date international fashion trends, the most superior international fashions and accessories to Chinese consumers.


Collect all clothing-related industries and provide a number of supporting services from the whole process of design - production - sales. With the popular of fast fashion, supporting enterprises provide various services for clothing enterprises in each linkage in order to reduce capital, improve efficiency and enhance the sales, finally bring the whole industry chain solutions for enterprises.


"Shanghai International Kid's Fashion Fair (CHIC-KIDZ)" which is fully upgraded from the exhibition section "Kid's Paradise". According to consumer's demands and market status CHIC is hard working on its series of show-in-shows which also include this new one; It will collect numerous kid's wear and kid's fashion lifestyle brands at home and abroad, present the whole picture of contemporary kid's fashion industry in the form of "independent exhibition" and create a full-category commercial platform for kid's fashion lifestyle brands.


New generation tend to be dominant in the world collect first class young fashion brands at home and abroad, and create transboundary and lifestyle brands.

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