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CHIC has played an important role in the past 27 years as the most influential international fashion exhibition in China.

CHIC brings together national and overseas premium fashion brands, clothing enterprises, the entire industrial chain and clusters of commercial retailers underone roof, and provides the most superior channel resources, the most professional and efficient exhibition planning as well as first-class visiting experience. On top of this, CHIC is always responsive to the change in market and develops the features and functions of the exhibition to elevate the exhibition value.

 According to the new business environment and consumer demand, CHIC 2019(SEPTEMBER EDITION)Will make greater changes: establishing a more professional exhibition atmosphere with a series of new plans and arrangements such as specialized fashion sections and Show- in-shows; providing differentiated trade matching services for enterprises at different development stages through commercial data analysis and digital management; setting up more reasonable tour routes for visitors in the fair to maximize the their field trips; enriching the fair with a more humanistic and ecological exhibition planning, real-time fashion shows, business forums and other activities.

 CHIC2019(SEPTEMBER EDITION)Will make it a priority to "improve the effectiveness of fair participation and will keep making use of its advantageous resources to precisely match the diverse needs of exhibitors and visitors, and consolidate business deals, product release, trend forecasting, industrial analysis and holistic promotion. This will be an opportunity to fully upgrade your products and services, and to enter the new era with CHIC.

Halls & Sections

Exhibition Sections


One-stop platform for men's lifestyle. Urban View has a collection of clothing enterprises with various fashion styles such as smart business, leisure and sports, as well as accessories enterprises focusing on mens ties, scarves, belts and other accessories. This section will help exhibitors to seize new opportunities in the industry, expand their channels, upgrading brand images and integrating fashion resources.


New Look takes"young lifestyle" as its theme, and brings together enterprises for women's fashion of different styles, such as designer  brands, fast fashion, personalized women,s fashion, traditional Chinese fashion for women and lifestyle shops. This section aims to provide independent women's fashion brands that are undergoing innovation and transformation with a high-quality platform for resource connection.


Perfect interpretation of fashion attitude. Fashion accessories are the finishing touch for dress collocation There is a fashionable collection of fine life items such as jewelry, hat ornaments, scarves, silk, watches, glasses, fragrances, belts festyles, etc. This section will become the most ideal platform for fashion accessory enterprises to expand their channels, cooperate with other brands, place purchase orders and promote their business.


Fashion Journey will present up-to-date international fashion trends and the most premium international fashion products and accessories.This is a stage that links up with international fashions and can help international brands to open up the China's market.


Future Link is featured with information, science technology and intelligence, showing the most forefront of all fashion-related industries. Future Link provides fashion enterprises with a number of supporting services ranging from design, production, to sales and other relevant aspects, as well as feasible, practical and easy-to-use industrial chain solutions.


Not Just a necessary life item, but also an expression of the rich inside. BAGS& SHOES section gathers various styles and types of bags and shoes hat can best reflect the fashion trends, aiming at providing diversified services for the development and transformation of enterprises that specialize in luggage, handbags and footwear, and creating more opportunities for the development of enterprises and brand channels It's a first choice for brand dealers and contributors to expand their brand series.


Turn fashion ideas into commercial values Impulses fashion section has a collection of selected original designer brands, fashion studios and resource collection platforms from home and abroad, bringing together global fashion retail channels and fashion buyers. It will become the most convenient and efficient trade matching and resource platform for Asian designer brands.


Lead "Made in China" with "intelligent manufacturing Superior Factory includes high-quality ODM suppliers, and provides a variety of service systems such as rapid response micro-supply, flexible production, demonstrating the strength of Made in China" and creating an all-around order-receiving platform.


Heritage brings together domestic and overseas high-end leather-product enterprises, down jacket enterprises and authori-tative institutions in the industry to create a splendid feast which integrates trade, brand promotion and clothing processing. It's committed to promoting all-around cooperation among leather, down jacket and fashion enterprises.

CHIC-Young Blood

CHIC-Young Blood, as a stage releasing young vitality and highlighting individual lifestyle, will continue to show visitors high-quality trendy brands and lead the current trend. There will be a rich variety of fashionable products here to meet the needs of one-stop shops with avant-garde styles.

Bespoke, an attitude towards life! CHIC organizers have upgraded CHIC bespoke service sections to a show-in-show for tailoring service(CHIC-TAILORING). This exhibiton section intergrates resources related to customers, accessories, solutions, supply chain platforms to help bespoke businesses to expand their market, optimize their business channels and take orders.
CHIC-KIDZ is one of CHIC show-in-shouws, which is created for consumer needs and market conditions. This exhibition section can meet the diversified needs of shopping centers and fashion buyers. It's an expo covering all fashion categories for children, including kids, middle-aged children, young children and teenagers.

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You can fully expand and optimize the CHIC Fashion Trade Show business through the terminal channels, so as to obtain the most direct trade effects, and through the exhibition, discussion, show the three-dimensional way to get a good opportunity to promote the brand.

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