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As Asia's largest and most influential fashion trade show, CHIC has exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, more than 125,000 professional visitors, and from 20 countries and regions, more than 1,000 brands of these brilliant figures.
CHIC is always a function of a set of trade negotiations, channel development, resource integration, international cooperation, market inspection, fashion publishing, cross-border cooperation, capital docking and other integrated quality integrated resource platform; 25 years, CHIC Fashion Trade Show has been on the basis of changes in the industry and the market continue to innovate and grow together with China clothing brand, is the industry recognized Chinese clothing brand and the market development facilitator and witness.

Today's China's clothing industry and the consumption of a long time, fast, changeable, more highlights the CHIC in the enterprise development indispensable platform role. More and more individual brand enterprises, manufacturing enterprises, clothing related industries and terminal channels to participate in the CHIC Fashion Trade Show, and each have income. CHIC is also a new form of extension of the exhibition features, a comprehensive upgrade service system, so as to enhance the value of the exhibition platform.



CHIC 2017

      In March 18, 2017, Chinese International Fashion Fair 2017 (Spring Fashion Trade Show) successful ending, just three days of professional audience of 104,592 people, 100,000 square meters of exhibition hall together from China, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Holland, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Peru, Spain, India, Belgium, Britain, Greece Portugal, Scotland, Hongkong, Taiwan, China total from 20 countries and regions 1,177 enterprises, more than 1,300 brands, 20 Chinese clothing business forum and the 15 CHIC Fashion Trade Show, opportunities and challenges in the industry change in setting sail, blooming. CHIC2016 spring fashion trade show, exhibitors watch culture, science and technology research and development, reconstruction of the industrial chain, business model innovation and other industries "pain points", new industry ecosystem a law of cycles.


Video of CHIC2017 


Photos of 2017 Fashion Trade Show


Host / host information

Sponsor: China Fashion Association, China World Trade Center Company Ltd, China International Trade Promotion Committee Textile Industry Branch
Organizer: Beijing Fashion Expo International Exhibition Co., Ltd., China World Trade Center Beijing International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition time


China International Fashion Fair (Autumn): 2017.10.11-13。


Exhibition venue


      The National Convention Center (Shanghai) by the State Ministry of Commerce and the Shanghai municipal government to build cooperation, by the National Convention Center (Shanghai) limited liability company responsible for the construction and operation of investment, the total construction area of 1 million 470 thousand square meters, ground floor area of 1 million 270 thousand square meters, is currently the world's largest single building and Exhibition complex. National Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the west of Hongqiao Shanghai business district core area, with a straight line distance of only 1.5 kilometers from Hongqiao transportation hub, through the subway and Hongqiao high-speed railway station, Hongqiao airport is closely linked. The surrounding highway network extending in all directions, 2 hours can arrive at the important city in the Yangtze River Delta, the traffic is very convenient.