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1.商贸需求 Needs of Trade Services:

2.希望开拓的重点区域 Key Regions:

东北 Northeast China

华东 North China

华中 Central China

华南 South China

西北 Northwest China

西南 Southwest China

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5.海外市场需求 Needs for Overseas Market(Overseas brands don’t need to fill in)

Enterprise Introduction

公司位于圣保罗州的弗兰卡,已有69年的历史,是拉丁美洲鞋业的最大零件制造商,同时也是这个领域的佼佼者。Amazonas Group在巴西有八家分公司,在国外有两家分公司,分工不尽相同,例如生产粘合剂,制造生产,鞋履,物流等。

Brand Introduction

Enterprise introduction In Chinese

公司位于圣保罗州的弗兰卡,已有69年的历史,是拉丁美洲鞋业的最大零件制造商,同时也是这个领域的佼佼者。Amazonas Group在巴西有八家分公司,在国外有两家分公司,分工不尽相同,例如生产粘合剂,制造生产,鞋履,物流等。

Enterprise introduction In English

Founded in Franca, in the interior of the State of São Paulo, the company has been on the market for 69 years, being the largest manufacturer of components for the footwear industry in Latin America, and standing among the world's major companies of the sector. With eight units in Brazil and two units abroad, the Amazonas Group also operates in different segments, such as adhesives, construction, footwear, compounds, logistics, and other.