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DC Brands International Ltd.
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DC Brands International Ltd.
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1.商贸需求 Needs of Trade Services:

2.希望开拓的重点区域 Key Regions:

东北 Northeast China

华东 North China

华中 Central China

华南 South China

西北 Northwest China

西南 Southwest China

3.希望进入的百货公司和购物中心 Department Stores&Shopping Malls that you would like to enter:

4.您希望进入的电商平台 Desired E-Business Platform:

5.海外市场需求 Needs for Overseas Market(Overseas brands don’t need to fill in)

Enterprise Introduction

DC Brands International Ltd 是一家快速成长的英国服装服饰公司。公司总部位于曼城,旗下最大的一个品牌是LYDC,在英国各大百合公司均有销售,同时也覆盖了欧洲,中东,美国和澳大利亚市场。

Brand Introduction

Enterprise introduction In Chinese

DC Brands International Ltd 是一家快速成长的英国服装服饰公司。公司总部位于曼城,旗下最大的一个品牌是LYDC,在英国各大百合公司均有销售,同时也覆盖了欧洲,中东,美国和澳大利亚市场。

Enterprise introduction In English

Established in 2005 in Shoreditch, London LYDC London has quickly become one of the most striking and innovative fashion brands in the UK. LYDC London began when a group of London based designers found a gap in the market for unique, fresh and affordable bags. Priding themselves on exceptional quality and strong design credentials, LYDC London ensures that the modern women’s accessories are always ahead of the trends. All clothing and accessories are designed and crafted by LYDC London’s talented team of in house designers and machinists, with each style coming in two or three colours, and with every aspect of detail from fabric to finish carefully considered. The design team have made their mark over the past decade with their glamorous, stylish and everyday-wearable accessories and hope to impress with their new clothing collection.